10 eco-friendly Christmas gift ideas from Madolaine

Holiday shopping can present some challenges for environmentally conscious people.

To help you, we have selected for you some eco-responsible gift ideas available at Madolaine.

Finally, for a truly green holiday, we also invite you to avoid unnecessary packaging. We suggest reusing bags and boxes you already have at home. You can also use the Furoshiki method by opting for fabric packaging. To decorate your gifts, you can use dried fruits, fir branches or even cinnamon sticks... Use your imagination!

Here are 10 gift ideas that will delight your loved ones and the planet.

Stainless steel straw set
1-Reusable straws
Our reusable straws, made of stainless steel, are available in a set of 4, in blue or pink colors, and are equipped with a silicone tip so that they maintain a pleasant temperature during use. The set includes 2 models of straws and the tips are optional. They are offered to you in a storage case with a brush for easy cleaning.

The cost of a set is $9.99.
Available in store and online.

Reusable stainless steel cup bottle
2-Insulated stainless steel cup or bottle
Able to keep hot for 3 hours and cold for 9 hours, our stainless steel cup and bottle models are perfect in summer and winter!

Whether to keep your drink hot during your next winter hike or for a cold drink next summer, do something for the planet by avoiding using disposable glasses and get our black bottle or our pretty cup mint color. In addition, you can personalize them with a few brush strokes to make them unique objects!

750 ml (25 oz) bottle – $24.99
Mug 350 ml (12 oz) – $19.99
Available in store and online.

3-Biodegradable cloths
Swap your traditional paper towels for biodegradable “Swedish cloths”. Made from 30% cotton and 70% cellulose, these cloths can be used for 9 to 12 months and absorb 15 times their weight. A single mop replaces up to 15 rolls of paper towels! Plus, they can be machine washed or top rack dishwasher safe up to 200 times.

Set of 2 – $11.99
Available in store and online.

Louisette knitted bag
4-Handmade knitting bag
Nothing better than a local, handmade product! Louisette, our boutique advisor and knitting teacher shares her talent with us and offers us these magnificent reversible knitting bags! Made with love, they are practical and original and can also be used as a gift bag. So you will have 2 gifts in 1! You can reuse gift paper that you already have at home.

Available in different patterns at a cost of $24.99.
Available in store only. Available online soon.

Personalized wine bag
5-Personalized reusable bag
Probably one of the most original ideas! Make a personalized, reusable bag. Include a masterpiece or simply a quote! Several bag models are available: tote bag, wine bottle bag, pencil case, etc.

Price varies depending on the model chosen.
Available in store only.

6- Recycled notebook
A great idea to slip into a Christmas stocking! Pick up one of our notebooks illustrated by Jane Newland and Katie Vernon . They are printed on responsibly sourced paper and printed with vegetable ink. All manufactured with care, the use of recycled materials not only offers an accessible and affordable product, but also reduces the ecological footprint.

Two models are available at a cost of $7.99 each.
Available in store and online.

Ecogriffe pompoms
7-Ecogriffe Pompom
Wear real fur with pride! Support the Quebec company Écogriffe by purchasing a pompom made from recycled fur for your knitting projects.

They are available in several colors for $19.99.
You will also find other items from Écogriffe in store.
Available in store only.

Madolinni recycled fiber
8-Fiber M Madolinni
Our M Madolinni fiber is a 100% recycled t-shirt type fiber from the textile industry. It is available in several colors and is ideal for your decorative projects! It crochets very well and is perfect for your macramé projects! Our team chose this product for its recycled aspect and its versatility.

Available for $15.99.
Available in store and online.

Bimoo tablecloths
9- BiMoo tablecloth
Discover BiMoo educational tablecloths, a Quebec company born from the desire to help parents at mealtimes, by including an educational and fun side!

Available in several models, BiMoo tablecloths can be used at home, at daycare, at school, while traveling and even at the beach with little ones. The words written under the images, in French and English, will help your children learn to read and pronounce correctly in both languages. Use washable felt-tip pens and have fun completing the drawings or reproducing the letters and words! Something to keep the kids busy during your holiday parties!

Two sizes available:
45 x 45 in for $28.95
60 x 90 in for $44.95
Available in store and online.

Marie-Claude Gervais Seminar

Offer a unique moment and unforgettable memories by offering a day of seminar at Madolaine! Give a loved one the chance to paint a magnificent project with ashes in the company of the talented Marie-Claude Gervais ! No need to be at an advanced level in painting, even beginners can do it! Nearly 20 project choices are available to please all tastes!

Next dates: January 19 or February 2, 2020 - $125
Available in store and online.

For any request for information or to order products not available online, contact us by telephone at 418 628-0420.

Happy Holidays and Happy Shopping!