The Academy is...

Over 1,500 creative workshops with our experienced teachers (knitting, crochet, painting and many others) spread across two magnificent ancestral houses in the Trait-Carré district of Charlesbourg.

Find us at Madolaine at 7710 or at L’Académie at 7685 1re Avenue, Quebec.

Our classes and workshops

At Madolaine, there is something for everyone! Come hone your knowledge and deepen your techniques with our experienced teachers! They will definitely know how to pass on their passion to you!

Dare to open the doors to your creativity

Initiation Workshops

Give yourself the opportunity to learn or perfect new creative techniques. Learning takes place on several levels with a new project each time. Whether painting on canvas, fabric, porcelain, watercolor, alcohol ink technique, Brusho and even knitting and crochet, we have something for everyone.

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Pop-up workshops and seminars

This is a great opportunity to come and explore, in a short course, different innovative techniques with experienced artists. Our art teachers will support you in your learning and share their passion with you. Meetings that will surely be colorful!

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Regular classes

You want to meet passionate people, whether it is your teacher and/or other students during 6-week sessions in order to start or perfect your knitting/crocheting or painting techniques, this type of session is for you. These courses allow you to create your own projects with experienced teachers who support you in your learning.

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Room Rental

Take advantage of a comfortable and atypical workspace to develop your creativity with your team! The equipment offered will allow you to stay focused and productive.

Whether you're planning a family get-together or a special event, we'll find the right room for you to get together and share happy memories!

Free yourself from organization to allow time for sharing and creating!

Salon André Gingras

Room capacity: 14 to 16 people

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Salon Le Boudoir

Room capacity: 8 to 10 people

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Salon Olivier Bresse

Room capacity: 18 to 20 people

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The manor

Located on former agricultural land, the manor was built in 1893 by Olivier Bresse, for 130 years it has stood proudly in the Trait Carré district of Charlesbourg. More than a century has passed and the manor has always been inhabited and remains a landmark for all the inhabitants of the neighborhood.

After having been occupied by a shoemaker, an accountant, a hotel or even a restaurant, it is in 2022 that the life of the manor took a new turn and welcomed the partnership of L'Académie par Madolaine and Café Smith to offer you a unique service. Today, the manor opens its doors to you for a knitting class while enjoying a good cup of coffee, everything is done to spend a pleasant and creative moment.