Works of art as greeting cards

Do you like art? Do you like everything colorful? Have you always wanted to purchase the work of a local artist, but your wallet doesn't allow it?

How about offering a work of art on a greeting card?

These Little Pigments Cards
These Little Pigments; Exploded watercolors
Isabelle Matte has been offering exploded watercolors for a little over 2 years through her creative business “ Ces Ptits Pigments – Exploded Watercolor ”. It all started in the comfort of his workshop and for pleasure, but as they say “pleasure is even better when shared”, isn't it? Although she offers the opportunity to purchase her original works and place custom orders, one of her greatest joys is sharing her creations with as many people as possible.

It was therefore a priority for her to develop an offer of low-cost reproductions! Isabelle's watercolors on greeting cards are printed directly in her workshop in Sherbrooke. These are cards with a soft matte finish, of “ultra premium” quality. The cardstock used is acid-free and the ink is moisture and UV resistant.

The watercolors on greeting cards are assembled by hand and signed one by one by the artist. They are accompanied by a chic and neutral kraft paper envelope to showcase their colorful and vibrant works.

But that's not all! The cards are in standard 5x7 inch format and can then be framed and reused to decorate your home. Beautiful and eco-friendly… Brilliant, right?

Mireille Belzile Cards
Mireille Belzile; The quality of the gesture
A woman sensitive to light and the changing colors of nature, Mireille Belzile deploys her artistic vision and her imagination towards the subtlety and refinement of nature. Flowers, trees and landscapes from his corner of the country come to life under his pencils and brushes. Watercolor has been his favorite medium for 25 years.

In order to better share her art with everyone, Mireille Belzile offers a very large selection of 5x7 inch greeting cards, with envelope, individually bagged. The maps were printed in Quebec by the company “Les Cartes Pôle Nord”. It bears the FSC, Canada seal, meaning that the paper comes from Mixed Sources (Group of products from well-managed forests and other controlled sources).

Images that will make you dream and bring you happiness! The warmth of Mireille Belzile's works will be transported into your decor.

Little Manon Cards
The Little House of Geneviève Charron
Geneviève Charron is truly passionate about illustration, she draws and paints constantly. The joys of life are his greatest inspiration. She lives for her art, thrives on spontaneity and is full of fun ideas.

In 2008, she founded La Petite Maison. And since then, she has produced tens of thousands of meticulously hand-painted porcelain pieces, with her very personal brushstrokes.

Greeting cards are inevitably added to his sales inventory, to the delight of his many admirers. Several character designs are available to you, whether for spring, Mother's Day, a birth, winter holidays, with or without a message, all can find a buyer for a unique occasion.

Martine Pépin Cards
Martine Pépin, current affairs artist

Martine draws and paints what she observes in everyday life. As an artist, she imagines the illustration and important emotions that happen in our society every day.

Here are some examples of subjects covered through his works:
-Passing time
-Global warming
-Life and death

Wanting to spread her art, Martine wanted to share these nods to our society with as many people as possible. That's why she decided to create greeting cards.

With Father's Day just around the corner, the cards from these 4 artists are becoming a must-have!

They are available in store and their prices vary from $3.95 to $6.49.