The zero waste trend and craftsmanship

What is zero waste?

“The best waste is that which is not produced!”

Zero waste is a movement inspired by the 5R principle:
R euse
To recycle
Compost ( R ot in English).
We can even add a 6th R: Repair !

Going further than the simple integration of recycling into waste management, the 5R principle questions us about our consumption patterns and, more precisely, about the life cycle of the products we consume. The 5Rs provide us with possible solutions to reduce our waste at source and finally, minimize our ecological footprint. The goal is to become aware of the impact of our consumption on the environment, to take responsibility, to question all of our current habits and to change them to move towards sustainable consumption and thus, achieve a zero waste society. and zero waste.
Source: Quebec Zero Waste Association

“Zero waste” crafts

You are probably wondering what an article on zero waste is doing on a knitting and crafts blog? The reason is simple: in recent years, the DIY ( Do it yourself ) trend has been taking up more and more space in our society. People are becoming more and more aware of recovery and reuse. Many items at home can be recovered to give them a second life. For example, furniture can be completely restored using products from the FUSION line available in store. Madolaine also offers M Madolinni fiber , 100% recycled from the textile industries, allowing the realization of various projects whether knitting, crochet or macramé.

Zero waste workshops

Chic Botanic Zero Waste Workshop

Wanting to go a little further, Madolaine decided to offer you zero waste creative workshops, in collaboration with the Chic Botanic boutique. Next Saturday, June 1st, come and create your own household products or even your own facial moisturizer in our superb L'Univers M multifunctional room. All containers used during the workshop are reusable and the ingredients are 100% natural and vegan.

Workshop on household products
Forget chemical household products! Come make 4 natural household products that will be economical, will not pollute the environment and will be respectful of your health! Learn simple and effective recipes to make your products for the whole home.

To register, it's here .

Moisturizing cream workshop
Do you want to create your personalized day cream? Would you like to discover which essential oils and vegetable oils are ideal for taking care of your skin? Learn all this during the workshop to create your own moisturizer !

To register, it's here .

Hoping to have you among us on June 1st and above all, don't forget your reusable cup, coffee will be offered to you! 😉☕️