Launch of the M Sourire mask to help hearing-impaired people

In Quebec, 17% of adults are hard of hearing. With the wearing of opaque masks in public places amid the COVID-19 pandemic, communications have become a major problem, since people with hearing loss need to read lips to understand. This is why we are proud to announce the launch of our M Sourire mask with transparent eco-responsible anti-fog PTE window. This mask will be available from June 20 and part of the profits will be donated to the Association of People with Hearing Impairments (APDA) , which has been meeting the needs of hearing impaired people for 35 years. 

“We receive daily calls and testimonies from hearing-impaired people who have not understood the instructions of the pharmacist, the nurse, the person at the CLSC reception, etc. We cannot ask people to remove their masks since it is a matter of protection. However, solutions are needed that respect the dignity of hearing-impaired people. With this in mind, this partnership with Madolaine constitutes a solution for the 1.5 million hearing impaired people in Quebec.” – Marie-Hélène Tremblay, general director of the APDA

We hope that this initiative will increase awareness among the population who work with the public given that a large part of the clientele is hard of hearing and reads lips. It is essential to ensure that the hearing-impaired person has understood the information transmitted and that our instructions contribute to better accessibility to care and essential services.