We are happy to introduce our brand new loyalty program: M POINTS.

Out of concern for the environment and for health reasons, this program aims to replace the cardboard points card that we had in stores in recent years.

Whether you are near or far, whether you buy in store or online, our new program is accessible to EVERYONE! Collect points for all your purchases and benefit from even more discounts!

How does it work?

To have access to the new loyalty program, simply create an account by clicking here. If you already have an online account, make sure that the email used for your IN-STORE purchases is the same as that of your account on the website. It's in this account that you will find your purchase history, your patterns purchased online (web version) as well as your accumulated points and your rewards.

What happens to my current cardboard points card?

We still honor old points cards in circulation, but we do not issue new cards. It will therefore be important for you to create an account on our website. Create it now and start accumulating points!

I purchased a short time ago, can I recover my points?

Points are retroactive to your purchases made less than a month ago.

In-store purchases: Make sure the email given when you made your in-store purchase is THE SAME as that of your new online account. If you did not provide an email, contact us and we can give you your points on proof of purchase.

Online purchases: If you already had an account and purchased through it, your points will be automatically added to your account. If you purchased as a “guest” on our website, contact us and we can give you your points on proof of purchase.

Will I receive advertising?

No, this is not a subscription to the newsletter. However, you will receive emails with reminders about your available points and rewards.