Afghan & Tunisian crochet - the basics

Afghan & Tunisian crochet - the basics

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Although the appearance of stitches designed using a large Tunisian crochet hook appears to duplicate knitted stitches, the similarity is only visual. Indeed, making Tunisian crochet is a variation between crochet and knitting.
With its little retro feel, it nonetheless remains very original but also very solid. Indeed, classic crochet works are very flexible, even too much! Here is a technique that has many advantages.

In this book, you will discover:
- Basic but also complex patterns with step-by-step explanations, to get started or improve your skills
- A technique to discover for yarn art enthusiasts combining the advantages of knitting and crochet
- Thick texture and characteristic geometric effects
- 20 original application projects between accessories, pouches, bags, stoles, shawls...

With its retro and original feel, Tunisian crochet, also called Afghan crochet, is very different from standard crochet.

This technique is actually a mix of standard crochet and knitting. Its thick and geometric patterns are its main characteristic. You will discover in this book the basic patterns but also more complex patterns. With its step-by-step explanations, you will be able to easily carry out all the works proposed.

Don’t hesitate any longer, try Tunisian crochet without delay!

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