M1592 - Long mohair vest
M1592 - Long mohair vest

M1592 - Long mohair vest

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About this model

Vest, jacket, cardigan... short or long, V or round neck, long or short sleeves, it is an essential piece of our wardrobe because we put it on and take it off quickly depending on the weather, because it completes our outfits without hiding them.

This model is knitted with PURE DOUCEUR yarn, a very light and fluffy mohair yarn combined with BERLINGO fine yarn made from organic cotton with bright reflections.

Entirely made by knitting 2 PURE DOUCEUR yarns and one BERLINGO yarn. Prepare balls with these 3 threads so that the mottled appearance is regular.

It is knitted on needles No. 7 and 8. You will need marker rings to mark the armholes.

Stitches used: 1/1 rib and stockinette stitch.

Machine wash on cold wool program and dry flat.

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