55 original knitting patterns

55 original knitting patterns

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More than a simple collection of stitches, this book presents 55 knitting patterns inspired by basic patterns but revisited by the author according to the problems she faced when she started knitting. Adapting the diagrams and drawings of well-known stitches such as the brioche stitch and sometimes adding some written comments, the proposed patterns will become very easy to make. 25 of the proposed points are implemented on essential accessories such as shawls, mittens, throws but also some very cozy clothing.

In this book, you will discover:

  • 55 knitting patterns precisely explained in diagrams, drawings and written instructions

  • 25 stitch applications between accessories and clothing

  • Trendy patterns in original colors

  • A stitch base for knitting fans

Author: Kotomi Hayashi
Les Éditions de Saxe

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