Absorb - Natuku
Absorb - Natuku
Absorb - Natuku

Absorb - Natuku

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Deodorant and dry shampoo with Manicouagan clay powder


NATUKU 100% natural deo powder & dry shampoo is the ultimate multi-use absorbent powder. Ideal as a body deodorant and dry shampoo or to treat skin imperfections, you can even add a pinch to your face cream to enhance your skin.

Adopt an all-in-one, easy-to-use product! This dry shampoo and deodorant offers a clean touch thanks to its incredible composition based on Manicouagan glacial clay powder.

Traditionally used during the beauty rituals of the indigenous Innu peoples, this glacial clay powder from Manicouagan is rich in active minerals (K, Mg, Ca, Na), trace elements (Zn, Fe) and organic matter. You can use it all year round for your outdoor activities but also on a daily basis. This product can be used anywhere, anytime. Say goodbye to greasy hair and uncontrollable sweating with this highly mineralized powder, and get fresh hair that looks just washed!

Details :
For all skin types
Ideal for oily scalp

Application :
Body deodorant: Apply clay to clean, dry skin.
Dry shampoo: Apply to the roots of the hair. Massage the scalp. Leave it on for a few seconds and brush your hair to remove the excess. Avoid contact with the eyes.

* Dermatologically tested

Ingredients :
Manicouagan Clay

Made in Canada

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