DREAMZ Interchangeable Circular Needle Set

DREAMZ Interchangeable Circular Needle Set

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The carefully packaged DREAMZ set includes needles in the 9 most popular sizes plus strings in a variety of lengths. Assorted radiant colors for easy identification.

Lightweight, sturdy and durable needles. Perfect tapered tips with no hassle - ideal for all knitting yarns and projects. A polished wooden surface that can be worked with all types of knitting yarn without slowing down the pace of knitting. Easy to connect the ropes with a smooth joint that allows the meshes to slide easily - without snagging!. Strong, flexible ropes lie flat without kinking or twisting - easy to store.

Comes with a practical case for storage and transport, a case made of transparent vinyl. The case has a zipper at the top and 7 pockets on each side for storing needles. Plenty of extra space for tools or small projects. Another extra clear vinyl case for the strings.

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