“Top Down” hats for the whole family

“Top Down” hats for the whole family

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You want to knit hats without a pattern and make beautiful creations. Here is a recipe to help you and 3 models to guide you!!!

This method is based on head measurements. It allows you to try it as many times as necessary and make adjustments. Plus, you can use the thread of your choice...

- M Marmaille wool : 1 ball of 100 gr. Or
- Bergère wool from France Image : 2 balls of 50 gr.
- Circular needle: 4 mm / 40 cm
or longer cable to work in Magic Loop
- Double pointed needles: 4 mm for the top of the hat
if you don't use the Magic Loop method
- Marker ring : 1
- Yarn needle

Beginner + / Intermediate
The whole family

You simply have to follow the payment steps and you will receive the pattern in your email inbox in PDF format.

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