Nova Platina interchangeable needles

Nova Platina interchangeable needles

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Set of 2 interchangeable circular needles Nova Platina

4.5'' (11.5cm)
*(special) 3.5'' (8.5 cm)

Crafted from hollow brass pipes and plated with chrome, its smooth, shiny surface is a knitters delight.
Now with more pointed, tapered tips - ideal for all knitting projects, including lace! Exceptionally smooth and shiny surface allows dots to move quickly and without resistance
Light weight ensures comfort in the hand and hours of stress-free, satisfying knitting
Metal durability ensures minimal wear and maximum lifespan
A streamlined manufacturing process makes these needles very affordable
Innovatively designed, easy-to-connect cord has a smooth join that allows for superior stitch glide and no snagging
Great for all levels of knitting experience.

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