Julia crochet doll

Julia crochet doll

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Madelenon crochet design

Soledad Iglesias, better known as Madelenon design, after the success of her first book The Little World of Amigurumis, tells us a beautiful new crochet story. That of little Julia, an adorable doll who, depending on her little animal friends she meets, matches her outfit to them. A fantastic world that continues to make young and old alike dream.
In this book, you will discover:
. the doll pattern revisited for each atmosphere
. 10 doll outfits and 10 funny baby animals
. mascots that everyone loves: bear cub, chick, puppy, fox, foal, kitten, mouse, piglet and baby penguin
. multitudes of step-by-step photos for each project and for beginners
. an adorable world that will make you want to crochet the instructions step by step.

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