The enchanted world of valentin.c

The enchanted world of valentin.c

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The enchanted world of Valentin·c . Do you know the story...
Of the mermaid who teaches the fisherman to swim?
Of the cowgirl and the Native American who dance hand in hand to keep the rain away?
Of the prince who is madly in love?
Thanks to this book, yes! And you choose, everything is possible! This is every child's dream! Crochet their own imaginary story for your little ones! Immerse yourself in the exciting world of crochet and create 3 fun, playful and innovative scenes. This book could be summed up as this: a magnificent playground for young and old children. All together! . Here is a collection of crochet toys: Mixed : neutral colors, themes, faces and hair. Innovative : a simple change of accessories and the mermaid becomes a merman, the bandit becomes a prince.... Playful : all the accessories can be stored in an XXL decorative element.

In this book, you will discover:

  • 3 funny universes, all composed of a duo of characters, their essential and interchangeable accessories, as well as a decorative element

  • 22 projects from beginner to expert

  • Achievements accessible to everyone: degree of difficulty indicated for each creation

  • Equipment, technical advice and step-by-step tutorials detailed throughout the book

Author : Valentin Carlettini
Saxon editions

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