The Socks of which you are the hero

The Socks of which you are the hero

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Knit socks to your liking with this work designed on the principle of books in which you are the hero!

Whether it's your first handmade sock or your hundredth, this adventure is for you!

Follow the steps to construct a sock step by step.

  • Learn the classic methods.
  • Dare to try new techniques.
  • Discover the calculations behind each section.

Use the book as a cheat sheet! Refer to the QR codes to watch explanatory videos of each technique, all in the company of Claudia, the renowned Clo Tricots.

Cat's tooth edge, partridge's eye heel, corner or round points, Turkish assembly, cast-off or remeshing... It's up to you to choose

Claudia Joyal Laplante is a Montrealer best known under the name Clo Tricots. His YouTube channel has more than 40,000 subscribers mainly located in Quebec and France.

In particular, she offers numerous knitting tutorials in French, but also complete knitting courses. A teacher of knitting and fiber arts, but also of Lindy Hop dance, she loves communicating what she is passionate about.

She aspires to an eco-friendly lifestyle and loves educating her followers on different ways to integrate sustainability and quality into all facets of their lives.

Customer Reviews

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Nadine Emond
Les Chaussettes dont vous êtes le héros

je l'ai seulement feuilleté pour le moment (semble vraiment bien documenté), pas encore eut la chance de faire des chaussettes en suivant le livre mais bien hâte de le faire.

Lucie Hallé
Bible des bas

Je dirai une bible des bas, car on doit bien planifié pour en tirer profit,,,

Carole Gagnon
Chaussettes dont vos êtes le héros

Une bible pour tricoter des bas .Pour ce qui est du service il est toujours impeccable

pauline côté

Rien à dire

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