Crochet pattern - Everest (web version)

Crochet pattern - Everest (web version)

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Get the Intermediate “Everest” crochet pattern from Akroche Tatuk!

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TTT Small - 3 months

TT Small - 6 months
T Small - 12 months
Small - 2 years old
Medium - 3-5 years
Big - Child
T Large - Adult Small
TT Large - Medium Adult
TTT Large - Adult large

1. Medium soft wool (size 4).

2. H hook (5 mm)
3. Scissors and wool needle
4. Accessories: 1x button 1 in/25 mm, 1x button 2 in/50 mm, 1x pompom.
For baby sizes, use 1x 1.5 in/40 mm button

With an H hook (5 mm): 20 ms-bar x 16 rows = 4 in/10 cm

dbr — half double crochet

dbr-bar — half double crochet in the back loop only
m — mesh
mc — slip stitch
mc-bar — slip stitch in back loop only
ml — chain stitch
sc — single crochet
ms2ens – 2 single crochets together (decrease)
ms-bar — single crochet in the back loop only

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