Solid shampoo - Strength 100 g. -Natuku
Solid shampoo - Strength 100 g. -Natuku

Solid shampoo - Strength 100 g. -Natuku

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Solid shampoo with Manicouagan clay


Made mainly of highly mineralized Manicouagan clay, NATUKU Solid Shampoo is inspired by the ancestral beauty and ritual traditions of the indigenous Canadian Innu civilization. A rich formula that provides you with deep cleansing while strengthening your hair and visibly increasing volume. Manicouagan clay offers you its finest and richest natural ingredients, including active mineral elements (K, Mg, Ca, Na), organic materials and trace elements (Zn, Fe) which cleanse, remineralize, and strengthen your hair.

Your hair is repaired, revived and purified!

Details :
For all hair types (normal, dry, damaged, oily, delicate and colored)

Application :
Pass the solid shampoo through your wet hair, using a friction movement. Massage lightly to create lather. Rinse thoroughly. Repeat as needed. Approximately 60 uses per bar. Avoid contact with the eyes.

* Dermatologically tested

Made in Canada

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