SOS Crochet - BA-Ba, tips & tricks, advice

SOS Crochet - BA-Ba, tips & tricks, advice

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  • How to start crocheting?
  • What is a chain stitch?
  • A slip stitch, a double crochet...?
  • How to decipher all these mysterious diagrams?
  • How to make a magic ring?
  • What patterns to crochet?
  • Do not panic!

This little guide will provide you with all the answers to the questions you have always asked yourself, whether you are a beginner or already experienced in handling crochet.

In the program

  • The basics of crochet: from the choice of material to the final stitch, including the most common stitches.
  • Cool stitches to discover: chevrons, knotted stitches, flowers, grannys...
  • Lots of tips and tricks: easily count rows, correct mistakes, stiffen a piece of work...
  • Model transformations: changing the collar of a sweater, customizing a top, widening a tank top...
  • And 7 easy but trendy models to get started!

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